River Street, Blue Building
5690-970 New York City

  • What does our custom furniture have to do with this handsome hedgehog? πŸ¦” You'll just have to visit our Stories to see! (link in profile to shop the Gilmour Leather Chair and more)
  • The new preppy: a little softer, a little sunnier 🌀 (link in profile to shop)
  • Snacking just got sweeter with the Atacama Collection πŸ‡ (link in profile to shop)
  • Meet the Brinn Textured Sweater: super-soft (with a little stretch) and the perfect hint of color ✨ (link in profile to shop)
  • AnthroPerks members: The February Pre-Shop is here! 🌾 Not a member? Tap the link in our profile to sign up for exclusive early access ✨
  • Style is for everybody: every size, every shape 🌟 That's why this look comes in XXSP to 3X, and why we're proud to bring you #APlusbyAnthropologie. (link in profile to shop)

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